Substitute Teacher Registration Night

Substitute Teacher

West Central Area Schools is currently looking for substitute teachers to help with day to day teacher substitute needs. To help with this process, Elementary School Principal Natalie Prasch and Secondary School Principal Claire Vincent will be hosting a class at the WCA Secondary School to help interested candidates get the required short call licenses needed to sub in our district. Along with a brief lesson on what to expect in the classroom and how to prepare yourself for teaching, participants will also be walked through the Minnesota Department of Education website on obtaining a short call substitute license.

Short call substitutes at West Central Area Schools make $105 for a full day and $52.50 for anything less than 4 hours.

Interested Candidates require: Bachelor's Degree (in any field)    A desire to help their community    A desire to work with children

Date / Time: February 28th @ 5:30 pm

Location: Secondary School Media Center

Cost: $95 (payment to the State of Minnesota for license) Register