West Central Wrestling Club

West Central Wrestling Club

The West Central Wrestling Club is providing an opportunity to learn, have fun, and compete in Folkstyle, Greco and Freestyle wrestling.  Participants will be taught a variety of techniques and skills that will help the wrestler at all levels and styles of wrestling.  This club was started a few years ago offering wrestlers in greater West Central Minnesota an opportunity to learn and compete in the Greco and Freestyle disciplines, as well as strengthening their Folkstyle abilities.  The goal of the West Central wrestling club is to provide an opportunity for young athletes to continue developing their mat skills ultimately strengthening West Central Minnesota wrestling talent overall.  We strongly encourage that wrestlers have prior wrestling experience; it does not have to be Greco/Freestyle experience.  The cost is $50.00 to join the club.  You must have a current USA wrestling card to be part of the club.  You may order your card @ http://www.themat.com/usawrestling.org/

Please register online on the West Central Areas website and look under the Community Ed Tab.  Click on the tab that states West Central Wrestling Club and register.  You will need your USA card # to register.

Practice Schedule: Practices will Run from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

Coaches will include:

Scott Johnson 320-760-6217

Tristan Johnson 320-815-8130

Shane Wevley 218-770-4556

Brandon Gruchow 218-770-8979

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions

March 19th

April 9th

April 30th

March 22nd

April 12th

May 3rd

March 26th

April 16th

May 7th

March 29th

April 19th

May 10th

April 2nd

April 23rd

May 14th

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