The Honorary Captain

The Honorary Captain
Posted on 10/07/2019
For the past three years the  WCA Education Foundation has chosen a citizen(s) who have made an impact on our WCA Community (2017 Keith Swanson, 2018 Dewaine & Jean Heraldson).  This year we are honoring Chuck Meidl who long served on the school board and raised his family in our District.  Chuck will be in attendance at the Volleyball game tomorrow and at the football game on Friday where he will saw a few words before flipping the coin.  Below is the biography written by Chris Ray that was recently published in the Herald:

Chuck Meidl will be the honorary team captain at the West Central Area/Ashby homecoming game Friday, October 11. It makes a lot of sense, the long-time school board member has been through some battles in his time. First elected to the Hoffman-Kensington School Board in 1993, he served during the difficult and controversial consolidation with West Central, the move to close the school in Hoffman, and build a new secondary school in Barrett, as well as the  numerous administration changes throughout the years.
Meidl is a graduate of Springfield, MN, and met his wife, Jeanne while attending tech school in Alexandra. The couple moved to the Hoffman area, and started farming in 1981. But an auto accident in 1983 changed everything. Although both he and Jeanne were wearing seat belts, he suffered a back injury that resulted in three surgeries, and a change of careers. He went back to school and earned an accounting degree in the late 80s. The couple had three daughters: Kayla, who is a teacher in Hancock with four kids, Mallroy, who is an accountant in Eden Prairie with one boy, and Lisa, who is also an accountant and lives north of Wendell, with husband Donald Lacey and their four kids.
Meidl served as treasurer of the WCA school board since 2001, and enjoyed working with the administrators, business manager Diane Powers, and serving on the negotiating committee with teacher representatives. But two years ago, his physical therapist suggested the long hours of sitting at meetings were too much for him and he retired from the school board.
“Although I miss working with the board and administrators, I don’t miss the stress.”
Jeanne has worked 38 years for Runestone Telecom. In 2001, the family moved to their farm four miles south of Barrett on Highway #59.
“I dedicate my time to my girls and nine grandkids now,” Meidl said. This keeps him plenty busy traveling to sporting and other school events between Hancock, Fergus Fall and Eden Prairie. Two of his grandsons play football, and enjoy deer hunting with their grandfather.
Meidl was one of the main forces behind the establishement of the Environmental Center trails at WCA and the apple orchard project. He still is involved with the WCA FFA, and one grandson’s FFA project involved planting 150 trees on their farm.
“We are really blessed to have these great schools out here where kids can get involved in sports, music programs and organizations like FFA.”
Watch for Meidl to flip the coin at the start of the big game on the 11th.